16 June 2006

New MacBook

I think the purchase of my new MacBook is summed up nicely in this photo taken with iSight:

Jealous? I think so.

02 June 2006

The day after the worst week ever.

Now that I've found a pocket of time, I will briefly review what I've had to do this past week:

- Write two mid-terms for accelerated summer school courses
- MOVE! (No small feat)
- Work at my Legislative job
- Work at my Statistics Canada job
- And by no means an awful obligation, but Edd's parents arrived this week for their Canadian holiday as well...

Now, I'm the first to admit that I generally enjoy having a full schedule, though it certainly does have its drawbacks. I often joke that I may be a workaholic in training, but deep down I love the bragging rights working nearly full-time and attending school full-time affords me. But this week was simply overkill. Moving is in itself, a huge job. Now, factor in two mid-terms on the day before and the day after moving day (which of course, as anyone whose ever moved knows, turns into 'moving week'), on top of juggling my work situation... Oh, did I mention it was nearly 40 degrees Celsius the entire time we were moving, and then the moment we finished, it dropped to 25? Blah.

Thankfully, it's all over. Now it's just a matter of damage control, tidying this disaster of a room here in the old Anglican residence and trying to relax. Easier said than done....