15 December 2004


Hello. Since I last posted, I handed in my last assignment, classes ended, Mark came and went, we hosted our Wine and Cheese extravaganza, and Edd arrived.

I have a final exam in a few hours, but I can't be bothered to study. I've done pretty well on the assignments in the class, and I looked at old copies of the final exam which are so easy... Basic common sense, really. So therefore, motivation is nil. But since Edd shipped himself off to London, Ontario to simultaneously visit relatives and allow me time to study, I should probably use that to my advantage.

BC People: I'll be back on Saturday afternoon, and raring to see you and do fun things.

T.O. People: I'll be back January 5th

Happy end of term, everyone!

02 December 2004

World Aids Day.

First off, a reminder that today is World Aids Day. Though we're only reminded to do so once a year, it's important to remember those who are forced to deal with the reality of HIV/Aids every single day of their lives. So do it, punk.

My wonderful friend Mark, or 'Muck' as he is affectionately referred to, flew into Toronto last night from the Old Country of England. We haven't seen him in over 2 years, so it's been fantastic for him to be incapsulated in our borders once again! He is working busily on his Ph.D. at Nottingham University, so he deserves this break. Hopefully we're able to show him a decent time, what with all the studying I have to do in betweem socializing.

On an academic note, I got some marks back for my Global Warming and Waste Management classes today. I am happy to annouce that some of my hard work this term has paid off, which is comforting, seeing as I spend most of my non-lecture time holed up in this room, studying. I can't believe exams are just a couple weeks away!

And I am still trying to decide whether I should try to change my major in Environment and Resource Management to a Specialist, or if that will only further complicate a complicated 5-year degree. If changing to a Specialist means extra time is need here, then I say forget it, but if not, it would mean I would have an Honours Bachelor with a Specialist and a Double Minor, which is pretty ambitious. We'll see what's on offer for summer school first. I keep 'flip-flopping' on my summer plans. Everytime I think I've made a decision, I change my mind. I have three options:

a) go back to BC for the summer and work full-time
b) stay here and take summer school while working part-time
c) go to Europe and mooch all over again (ok, I can dream)

I guess it's asinine to try to figure this out now, what with it being only December. I just felt like putting it out there though, thereby relieving my stress temporarily. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Ok, ok. Time to hit the books.