05 February 2007

Europa Tour.

Perhaps you have noticed my lack of posts. Well, dear reader, consider that as a favour. As the past month has been rather uneventful, I have spared you another post about a trip to the grocery store. See, I belong to the school of blog-thought that argues 'less is more.' If I'm not interested in my own daily foibles, I certainly don't expect anyone else to be either. This certainly does not mean that I don't want to read about your daily foibles, however. Keep writing!

Luckily, I will soon have much more to recount. I've decided to spend my third set of vacances scolaires on a whirlwind mini-tour of Europa. On Saturday, I'm headed north to visit my dear friend Frank in his natural surroundings in Norway, or Norge, if you prefer. I do. I'm not quite sure what to expect of this oft-dreamed about nation, beyond loads of Adonis-like blond men (does this qualify as an oxymoron?) and fish-based products, but I look forward to finding out firsthand. Following this, I'm stopping in England on a rather extended layover to visit Edd and my sister. Works out quite nice that I arrive in London on Valentine's Day, though truth be told, this is more coincidental than anything. Don't tell Edd though. After distracting those two from their academic obligations for a few days, I'm off once more to Greece. Everyone I've told this to has pictured me sunning myself on the beaches of a sun-drenched Greek island. Sadly, it is mid-February and the weather there will definitely not be tropical, as south as we may all believe Greece to be. The purpose of this trip is more business than pleasure as I'm headed to Athens to sort out my Greek citizenship once and for all. If all goes according to plan, I will officially be a citizen of Greece and thus of Europe by the end of my holidays. Wish me luck.