22 June 2005

Hecticity encore.

Ok, there's a lot of news in my life, but I'll post on that another time. For now, I present you a few photos from one of my best nights in Toronto to date (thanks to Kat for visiting and for the photos!!).

This was an all night event held at the Guvernment, where Sasha and Steve Lawler went head to head, both indoors and outside, till being shut down at 10 am on the roof-top bar. What a mad night.

Me and Kat overexposed inside the Guvernment....

Ben and Jimmy drumming to the music... Wherever there's a party, drums aren't far behind.

*The* Sasha, and Steve Lawler (not necessarily in that order) at Sky Bar, approximately 9 am, Sunday morning before they were shut down by the police.

The fetish performance which provided visual entertainment.

Kat, Jimmy, and Krista at Sky Bar (on top of the Guv) come morning time...

08 June 2005

Another update.

See? I promised to update! Quiz went much smoother than expected, another case of my scholastic hypochondria getting the better of me beforehand. Now I have a million and one readings to get to, but I think I've earned the break... Plus I have no desk to study at, and sitting on the floor for hours reading is giving me a hump... No jokes about this, Hamish. I know where you would take it ... or do I?

I am thinking of going home for a couple weeks at the end of August for a visit... My sister and her boyfriend, Trevor, will hopefully be out at the same time, thereby equating to an extravaganza of family-ness. I also would like to see friends from high school, including one plump cat that I have recently been informed has gone on a diet.

Other than that, not much has happened since I updated this afternoon...


So moving went well. Heather's mum helped me move; I couldn't have done it without her. So a big thank you to her. However, the place is still very much in boxes, particularly my bedroom, since I have yet to order furniture. That's a long story in itself which I will spare you. I hope that everything will be unpacked and relatively organized by next week because ...

Kat arrives! How very exciting to have a Kiwi in my home! She has been in the New England area helping her brother and sister-in-law with their whippet(s) for the past couple months, and will be coming up to Toronto for a week's visit! Good times. I have to pretend I have a social life and don't sit at home every night in my room while she's here, since NZers seem to be much more social than me.... Poor thing is coming into 35 degree heat too.

I have a quiz tonight for my Religions class so I should get to studying. Will update more soon.