29 August 2006

Sacre bleu!

.... I'm moving to France!

Oh, and I lost everything on my MacBook due to a Hard Drive failure (manufacturer's defect - put that in your highly-produced commercials, Apple). Anyway, if you have been a supporting actor in the theatrical presentation otherwise known as my life over the past few years, and have any photos I may be interested in having once again, please let me know.

06 August 2006

Happy Vancouver Pride Week 2006!

I'd never been to a single Pride event in my hometown (though I've been to several in other cities) until today when I attended the parade in Vancouver's West End with my mother and her friend, Manolis. I couldn't have asked for better weather or a more stunning setting to form the backdrop of the parade. You can see the creme de la creme of photos here. Bear in mind I'm short and I can only hold the camera so high.

In other news, I have procured a short-term job at the Head Office of a national company. I won't name them outright, but here's a hint if you are curious: the company I'm working for is a major sponsor of the 2010 Whistler Olympics. Any fantasies I've ever had regarding working a '9-5 job' have fully been realized with my appointment to the glamorous position of Mailroom Clerk. Seriously. I friggin' love the structure and micro-scale organization required to keep things in line, it's like an OC (obsessive compulsive) person's dream come true.