28 April 2006


It's official. Rena was accepted into Cambridge for her PhD in Archealogy! Way to go, smartso! Since she is too modest to brag, I will gladly do it for her.... The family is rather proud of this one.

Saw Tristram Shandy with Edd last night, on the advice of Michelle. I didn't fully comprehend what I'd seen until I read a synopsis of the novel on which the film 'refers' to, but I fully enjoyed it nonetheless. Steve Coogan is now my newest crush, though I admit I am but a lowly North American unfamiliar with Alan Partridge and all that he represents to the Brits (although Edd would gladly tell me about it for hours given the opportunity). Here is a gratuitous photo of Steve Coogan:

And another, for good measure:

Dreamboat indeed!

And to make up for the poor Edd-mocking... Arrrrrrrrrrrsenallllllllllll!

21 April 2006

Three guineas per week.

In true Murphy's Law style, just when you think things can't go worse, they do. Tuesday morning, as I was furiously attempting to complete an essay and prepare for an interview uptown, all before my 9-hour shift at work, the worst possible thing happened. I spilled an entire pint of water on the keyboard of my laptop. The good news is that the computer is still functional. But the bad news is that there are still some pretty signfiicant players on the keyboard, guys and girls like 'e', 'r', 's', 't', and sometimes 'y', who just don't seem to want to recover.

As a temporary solution, I have bought an external keyboard. It looks ridiculous attached to a laptop, but at least I can type! If things don't improve with the keys over time, I am going to have to bite the bullet and invest in a new computer. This isn't as tragic as it sounds, I've been wanting a new one for awhile as my current one is showing her age. My next 'puter will be an Apple, most likely an iBook. Being on a modest income of three guineas per week, I am waiting for the release of the iBooks with Intel, so I can profiteer by purchasing one of the old ones at a discount. The first person to see that they've started selling the new Intel iBooks and informs me by way of email will have my eternal gratitude.

In other news, it's exam season. First one isn't until the 27th, so it's been an effort to start studying early. Summer school begins mid-May and I will be taking one last course (ok, 2) to fulfill my requirements: Gender Issues in Religion (or as Amy called it "a course about how women are treated like crap"), and Children's Literature. I'm hoping the reading list for the latter is all stuff I've already read like Swift (one of my favorite authours of all time) and Munsch (not going to happen, but would be sweet).