26 July 2005

Mo-lester's fun and games.

So it was my 23rd birthday the other day, and we had a bit of a party. I had a great night, and would like to thank everyone who came for making it one of the most memorable birthdays of my young life. A special thank you to the Ontario Police for turning up and threatening an $800 dollar fine for noise violation. And a big thank you to the neighbours for submitting numerous complaints to the building management, and for the subsequent half dozen apology letters I've been asked to write.

Moving swiftly along, there are some photos of the debauchery here.

10 July 2005

I have a cat.

I have a cat. Her name is Nelly (or as I call her, Smelly Retardo) and she is cool. She was going to have kittens until the other day, when she decided that she wasn't pregnant but rather in heat. Awesome-o. Here are some pictures of my cat.