18 August 2005

Old job. New job.

So I officially quit my job a couple weeks ago. For those who don't know - and I must state that I did make some effort to keep the name of the company on the downlow - I worked at the Gap. Its redeeming features were its location on Queen St. West, not to mention the surprising coolness of my coworkers (which I attribute wholy to the neighbourhood), and I did put in a good year there. However, the time came to get out of a job that was destroying my soul and sense of self-worth...

...so naturally, I picked the soul-redeeming field of Provincial politics instead. As of September, I will be a peon at Queen's Park! I got the job several months back, and since then I have spent great amounts of time contemplating what, exactly, the duties of my position as a Legislative Assembly Usher entail. I know Queen's Park hosts a program where elementary school children (Grade 7, I think) are ushers for a 6-week period, but I am quite certain my job necessitates a little, although likely not much, more intellect and responsibility than that of a 12 year-old. If anyone can tell me what tasks they think my job will have me doing, I am very enthused to hear about it in the comments area.

Summer school is now officially over. I swear to god, I thought it would never end. This isn't to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the subject of the class, as World Religions is one of the more captivating fields offered at UofT (it's no neuropsychology!), but taking a condensed course during the summer months when all you really want to do is eat good food, drink cocktails and just wander the city was a real struggle. I just need to keep the steam going for another 8 months and then I'm out. Eye on the prize.

Not to mention there have been some other unexpected developments this summer which I would rather not get into in blog-form. However, suffice it to say it's hard to study when you are in the midst of readjusting your life.

Now it's just hanging out without purpose until I fly home on Monday (where rest assured, I plan to do much more slacking and lounging!). Anyone in reading this from Vancouver, I want to get together while I'm there! E-mail me.

05 August 2005

Lists are neat.

So apparently I don't post enough. This is probably because I don't feel like I ever do anything particularly interesting to write about. But since you asked for it, here is an itemized list of what I have done lately:

- Slept a mere 45 minutes after a long night of dancing, because we had to get up and go dance some more. The second time on a boat.

- Wrote an essay that I should've spent at least a couple weeks on, in a matter of hours. For me, this is quite an accomplishment.

- Went to Welland/Niagara Falls/Niagara-on-the-Lake/Buffalo for the long weekend. Highlights include mocking the poor sod risking his life on a tight rope in Niagara Falls - no one was watching him at all - , and the constant gorgefest Ben and I partook in; the searing indigestion was completely worth it.

- Hosted a Newcastlian. One of Edd's mates, Geordie, has been visiting for a couple weeks from Gateshead so the boys have been touring around. Apparently the Ontario Science Centre sucks.

- Have *not* worked. Nearly every shift I've had for the past 3 weeks has been cut entirely. Although I enjoy not having to spend my time doing mindless tasks for hours on end, I am also devoid of monies. This is going to become increasingly problematic over the next few weeks.

- Booked my flight home to Vancouver. I arrive August 22 and depart September 2. I initially intended to stay longer but I have obligations, such as Frosh Leadering and feeding my cat, which beckon me back here sooner.

I'm sure that there is a lot more trivial stuff I have done as of late, but this, sadly, is la creme de la creme. However, there is hope, as this weekend is the Taste of the Danforth and I plan to get their asap and start ingesting as much tzatziki and pitas as possible in polite company.