18 April 2005

Summer Schooling

The past two weeks have been a flurry of activity, if you will. I've been working close to a full-time schedule (despite my current scholastic obligations), trying to finish my last assignments of term, and trying not to be too incredibly boring for Edd, who is here visiting for a couple weeks - theoretically to look for jobs for his upcoming year in Canada. It's noteworthy that everybody who knows about Edd's plan to spend a year here in Toronto thinks that this is the trip where he moves over. It's not. Sadly.

I registered for summer school last week, so I'm officially obliged to spend my summer indoors, while poring over some article or another, or studying for an exam. I'm currently enrolled in 2.0 credits (4 courses over the May-August period), but I will likely drop one course once the time gets closer for classes to start, since I would like some free time after all... And I will still be working for money (not peanuts) over the summer, but hopefully at a much-reduced schedule and ideally anywhere else than where I currently work.

Time to go to work (again).

01 April 2005


It's official! We got accepted into 485 Huron Street!! This means, as of June 1st, we will be the proud leaseholders of a 'penthouse' suite! This is exciting news. Hopefully it's not an April Fools' joke. While this resolves one really big issue, it brings up several small 'details', including the fact that I have to tell my current landlord that I need to break my lease. I think I'll propose it more like I need to find someone to sublet my room... Wish me luck.

Oh, and this is the view of the building from the outside. Yes, that sweet top floor you see is ours. Well, at least a portion of it.

My Very Own Cyclops!

Another too cute Edd photo. Yes, I'm sorry to be that kind of girlfriend, but who can blame me?