08 June 2005

Another update.

See? I promised to update! Quiz went much smoother than expected, another case of my scholastic hypochondria getting the better of me beforehand. Now I have a million and one readings to get to, but I think I've earned the break... Plus I have no desk to study at, and sitting on the floor for hours reading is giving me a hump... No jokes about this, Hamish. I know where you would take it ... or do I?

I am thinking of going home for a couple weeks at the end of August for a visit... My sister and her boyfriend, Trevor, will hopefully be out at the same time, thereby equating to an extravaganza of family-ness. I also would like to see friends from high school, including one plump cat that I have recently been informed has gone on a diet.

Other than that, not much has happened since I updated this afternoon...


hamish said...

.. I got nothing.

I was just reading on BBC that Japan wants to resume hunting of humpback whales - there might have been something there, but I don't wish to imply you are whale-ish.

Then again, you are a mammal!

( __________ <- a line, which I try not to cross. )


Leonard said...

what about a non-highschool friend?

Anonymous said...

BAAAAABY!!! Anyway - I contacted Alex and it looks like we'll be having a long conversation soon. Update asap.