13 November 2004

Global Warming and Bubble Tea.

The end of another school week is upon us. However, rather than spend Friday night in an inebriated state, I spent it reading articles about the effects of increased CO2 emissions on the world's forests, followed by some more articles on the effects of increased GHGs (greenhouse gases) on agriculture. And unsurprisingly, these articles conveyed plenty of bad news. I think one of the most depressing things I read last night was that:

"There is a mismatch between beneficial projected climatic effects and low population growth and conversely, negative climatic effects and high population growth. A major concern is rice production in low latitudes, especially Southeast Asia, where yields are likely to reduce by 5% for each degree of C rise." - Taubes, G

As if people in the developing world don't have it bad enough, even global warming is biased against them. Not to mention that most of the GHG emissions originate from the western world in the first place. Why, oh why did I pick such a depressing field of study? (Probably because I can't help caring about it.)

Yesterday's highlight was going for bubble tea with Billie-Ann and Heather. I am trying so very hard to ween myself off bubble tea, or at the very least, get my addiction under control. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am slightly obsessed with bubble tea. In my defense, my b.t. supply in New Zealand was very limited, so I nobely went a year without the stuff. Now, I'm trying not to fall into a daily habit with the stuff, which is not easy, seeing that there are no less than 5 shops within 100 metres of my front door. (Christ, I sound like I'm talking about a crystal meth addiction.)

The rest of weekend will also be relatively mundane as well, as I have a paper due and a hardcore mid-term to write at the end of next week, and I *cannot* get anything less than good grades on them...

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