17 May 2007

Not a shoe.

I've been rather slack at posting lately. I use the term lately loosely here. I suppose one of the reasons for this is that my life has been rather hectic over the past few weeks and I couldn't be bothered to explain it (now is a good time for you to question why I have a blog in the first place). Not so much the actual day-to-day aspect of my life (which has in fact been very enjoyable, days spent cycling and walking and reading). I mean hectic in terms of my upcoming plans.

In case it needs to be clarified, I finished my internship in France at the end of last month, and am ever grateful to Edd's parents who scooped me out of Commercy and brought me back here, to Brussels. Just before my time ended in France, I was offered a fantastic internship with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability at their European headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. In short, ICLEI's work focuses on training local governments from all over the world to develop initiatives to promote sustainability within their jurisdiction. As this is where my passion in Environmental issues truly lies, I could not be happier.

However, due to scheduling conflicts and complications, my start date has been changed a few times. As it stands, I will be starting in early July. This means that for the next month and a half, I am basically a loafer. Not the shoe, mind. I guess there are worse things than sitting around all day in the sun, drinking Belgian beer and eating frites...


Jen said...

Yes, I'm feeling very sorry for you right now.

Hope you're having a great time, enjoying the beer and the company!!

Krista said...

It is a tough life indeed... Thanks for your wishes!