02 June 2007

Congratulations, Edd!

Today Edd wrote the final, final exam of his undergraduate career. Congratulations, [insert graduate's name here]!

For those who may not know yet, Edd has put the rest of us to shame by actually having a sweet career job lined up before graduation! As of this July, he'll be doing top secret computer hacking work for a polyvalent in Guildford. Double congratulations.

Here's to finishing one chapter (and finishing it well), and to the next!


Tracy said...

Holy crap, France?! You're one lucky lady +o)

You've inspired me - I'm trying to figure out a good way to make a living in Europe now, too.

Tracy said...

Ooops... not France, Brussels. You know the one thing I wonder about when dreaming up a new career path in Europe is the language barrier. Are there English-speaking positions in all these fabulous places?