09 November 2004

First Snowflakes of the Season

At 3:30 pm this afternoon, while we were watching Kids, we witnessed the first snowflakes of the season falling. Heather got very excited, and I got slightly depressed. Though I know this means great things for snowboarding, I really despise snow in the city as someone who walks everywhere. Who wants to have sopping wet pant legs throughout their 4-hour streak of lectures in chilly theatres? Not me. However, despite my resentment toward those little white f**kers, I took a photo standing our 'yard' embracing the snowflakes. Nothing like cursing out snow.

I' m also trying to figure out how to host photos in my blog. So let's see if this works. (And if it does, it's me in my new ridiculous hat!).

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Anonymous said...

I am generally not a fan of snow, but I will tolerate it for winter's sake. How's the jacket? Did you give it a test run today? Not to sound too shallow (too late!) but the mascara I got the other day is pretty fantastic. I had written this whole bit on the suicide dude, but I'll just discuss it on Friday.