15 May 2006

Bienvenue a Canada

Bonjuerno. Exams are finished and I am now waiting for final marks to roll in for all of my courses. I got one back, a personal best... but I fear it's too late for these types of grades to really impact my mediocre GPA... So much for post-graduate options.

On a less pesimistic note, Edd's sister Becca and her boyfriend Marek have been in town for the past week and a half. It has been so much fun to have them visiting, and it's made me appreciate Toronto from a different perspective, trying to remember how I felt the first time I visited this city. I'm certain Becca will post photos once she returns home so you can peep at them then should you wish.

We also had a very productive weekend. As Becca and Marek are currently trapezing around South-Western Ontario, Edd and I resigned ourselves to the umpteen tasks requiring our attention before our lease expires in 2.5 weeks. Realizing that there's no sense in shipping loads of unnecessary stuff back to BC at the end of the month, I blitzed through all of my clothing to decide what to get rid of (and I mean REALLY letting go of stuff I still really like but don't use often). I am quite proud of my discipline in parting with so much stuff since it's not an easy task, but even Edward the Frugal was inspirational in saying that I could always go shopping to replace the old stuff if I needed to (and so the cycle continues)...

Summer school starts tomorrow. I know some of you are thinking I've been in school forever and will I *ever* finish? The answer is you're right, it has been for.ev.er, but rest assured, I will be done at the end of June...

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Hamish said...

Hyello hyello.. I'm catching up on blog reading. I feel your at-uni-forever pain - I should hopefully be done at the end of the year, current employer willing.

Anyway, hello!